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Design Industries Inc. has manufactured and installed precast concrete wall systems since 1987. We provide a turnkey service, including engineering, manufacturing, delivery and complete installation any precast concrete wall or concrete fence of your choice. We also sell concrete wall materials to homeowners for some of our precast concrete wall systems.

This is the design that caused precast concrete fences to be noticed on the west coast. It was originally designed to look like hand laid adobe and is very versatile. this concrete wall design is available with or without built in accent bands at the top.

This style of precast concrete fence owes it's name to Venice, Italy. Our customers have found this particular concrete wall to be very compatible with traditional architecture and has a clean, uncluttered, natural look.

Our Renaissance Wall System has become our best selling wall design. It offers a rich neo-classic design with a generous crown moulding top band feature along with a decorative built-in flared base. The massive precast concrete columns are a perfect complement and also include a matching decorative base feature. The massive decorative column capitols complete the precast concrete wall system.

This style of precast concrete fenceoffers a rustic appearance combined with motion. It gives you the feel of being near the water or high in the mountains. This concrete fence design may be what you're looking for to make your precast concrete wall project stand out.

This style of precast concrete fencewas designed to be compatible contemporary style architecture. It's simple smooth surfaces with intermittent, vertical grooves may be a perfect fit for your concrete fence project. The wall panel design also includes a built-in, two tiered accent band near the top of each concrete wall panel.(on one side).

This style of precast concrete fence is very versatile with a modern graphic look. The concrete wall panels have an identical pattern on both sides, and because it is mass produced using hydraulic equipment, it is typically our lowest cost precast concrete wall system. It is available in heights of up to 16'.

Split Face Block has become the first precast concrete fencechoice of those who choose concrete blocks in recent years. Our realistic staggered split face block design is very attractive and is often mistaken for hand laid block.On top of that, our pre cast concrete mission style columns add interest and give the wall system a custom look.

Everyone who has seen this design is excited. The precast concrete wall panels look like natural random flagstone and reflects top of the line quality and good taste. Hand laid stone is often only used at entrances of communities due to it's high cost. Now it is feasible to use this precast concrete fencedesign along the entire perimeter of your project adding instant elegance.

This design is as good as a precast concrete fence gets with tongue & groove. The system consists of "H" shaped posts which are set into cast-in-place concrete piers. The double sided 6' long Ashar Stone realistic looking wall panels slide in from the top and interlock to form a solid wall. This system gives new meaning to the term 'good neighbor' fence.

Millcrete offers a high definition double sided wood texture finish on both sides. It offers the permanence of concrete with the visual appearance of wood. The double sided 6' concrete wall panels slide in from the top between the wood grained "H" columns and interlock to form a solid concrete fence.

Please call us for answers to any questions that you may have or for a price quote about our  precast concrete fence designs. We respond promptly.

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Heritage Wall System Wall System (Slump Stone Style)

Venetian Style Wall System

Renaissance Wall System

Rolling Hills Style Wall System

Contempo Style Wall System

Interlock Wall System (good for limited access)

Splitface Block Wall System

New Random Flagstone Wall System

Ashlar Stone Wall System (good for limited access)

Millcrete Wall System (good for limited access)

New Random Flagstone Wall System
Splitface Block Wall System
Millcrete Wall System (good for limited access)
Ashlar Stone Wall System (good for limited access)
Renaissance Wall System 1
Renaissance Wall System
Interlock Wall System-1
Interlock Wall System-2
Interlock Wall System-3
New Contempo
Rolling Hills Ultra
Venetian System
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